3.13. Conclusion


I am excited by the work being done under the Experiential Futures banner, and by the potential for this work to reach a wide audience and communicate something valuable.

At its core, Experiential Futures is seeking to do something very simple: to evoke in people an awareness of the future, using whatever creative tools are available.

Because of the simplicity of that core idea, there is scope for people to explore it and express in whatever way they prefer. The idea is strong, resonant and flexible, and there is room for it to grow and evolve.

However, I believe Experiential Futures can offer a deeper and broader contribution than it does currently, and I would like to see it supported to develop in both capacities.

  • Increased Depth: Developing the form

Experiential Futures is an emerging form of practice, and there are many ways in which it can be refined and extended. So far, there have been virtually no spaces where practitioners can share insights, test new ideas and properly explore the range of this work.

RECOMMENDATION: I would like to propose that a summit be held exploring the interface between Futures Studies and the creative arts, with an amount of money to be held in reserve to seed-fund potential collaborative projects that emerge from it.

  • Increased Breadth: Expanding the application

In Australia, I believe there is an opportunity to employ an Experiential Futures approach in developing programs, events and activities for diverse communities. I think Experiential Futures practice may be uniquely able to engage communities and individuals who are not engaged by more traditional consultation or forum type events.

RECOMMENDATION: I suggest that Experiential Futures practitioners be supported to work alongside organisations like the Australian Academy of Sciences and the Australian Futures Project in a program of residencies and small projects, to collaborate with those scientists on the planning and delivery of their futures forums, and contribute effective creative tools to facilitate deeper engagement by participants.