The emerging field of Gaming Systems combines features from Complex Systems Science, scenario planning exercises, theatre and gaming. The work being done in this field is at an early stage, but already demonstrates valuable applications.

Systems Games are increasingly being utilised by businesses and government departments at the local, state and federal level, to help them prepare for various challenges and crises, and to develop critical management skills.

Beyond this small subset of society, though, it would be valuable for a wide range of Australians to have the opportunity to engage with these ideas and develop these cognitive skills.

In order to facilitate that potential, I recommend that Systems Gaming be supported to develop a deeper and broader practice.

  • Increased Depth: Developing the form

At this stage, the most valuable contribution toward the development of this form of practice would be to gather together the practitioners who comprise the spectrum of the field.

RECOMMENDATION: I propose that a conference or workshop event be held to bring together practitioners from interactive theatre, game design, Participatory Co-modelling and Systems Science more broadly, including a commitment of funds to support experimentation and the development of new ideas through a process of iterative play.

  • Increased Breadth: Expanding the application

In order to enable Systems Gaming to engagement with diverse communities around complex systems topics, practitioners need to begin engaging with skilled community facilitators and participating in community consultation exercises.

RECOMMENDATION: I propose that Systems Gaming practitioners begin to participate in community consultation activities with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and regions, learning and developing appropriate facilitation skills, but also contributing create activities from Systems Gaming practice as a creative component of a broader consultation.

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